Selasa, 03 November 2009

Bravo Holistic

“What do you mean with holistic Dela?” It’s the first question which came out from my mouth when I suggested by her to follow a training called holistical intelligence develop training. “Ouch, So do I Jim, I think it will be the best answer.” It’s Dela’s answer which I think couldn’t answered my question. With a confusion and vexation fulfilled my heart. I tried to found out the answer. I turned on the computer and browsed in the virtual world to eased the confusion and the vexation. From many source, I got some brightness point to answer my question. Holistic is similar with entirely, so I guess the holistical intelligence development meant a self development which could give us a good result and benefit if we developed it. But some question appeared again in my brain, what kind of intelligence needed to be developed? And what kind of good result should we get if we do it. Besides that, as an owner of a not bad GPA, what should I developed more? Is not it enough to proved me as a clever student? But although the question still fulfilled my heart, I decided to sent a short message to Dela, “OK Dela, I’ll go!”

Tuesday morning, August 18th  I followed the first activities. My breakfast menu is holistical intelligence seminar. The big question mark start to melted because of the information was given from the expert which is competent in their ability I thought. They are Mr. Seto Mulyadi and Dr. Budi Matindas from Indonesian University. The training which held for three days at Wisma Hijau, Cimanggis became my next meal after the seminar. At there, I received the knowledge and information about holistical intelligence which was a mystery for me. What it meant with holistical intelligence development was built our intelligence entirely intelligence aspect, emotional aspect and also the spiritual aspect. Another knowledge which I got was the three of them must be develop harmoniously, because it is nonsense if you are clever and rich but you are unhappy because always jealous with the other or ungrateful with our own. this training also fulfilled by creative and positive activities, such as discussion, movie session, and art performance. My team won the first place from the art performance because we shown a creative musical drama. After followed the training for two days, my heart and my soul fulfilled by positive energy which was ready to released and shot out.

On the third day, me and the others visited Panti Wisma Tuna Ganda Palsi Gunung which located at Bogor main street. At there, I saw many friends which unfortunately born with physical and mental defect. Most of them have leaved by their family. My heart so touched when I saw their happiness and cheerfulness when they were played. They also must followed a physiotheraphy to keep their bone straight, but their spirit and their struggle so touched in my heart. I admired with Yunas, one of the Palsi Gunung occupant which always smiled and showed a peace pose like a photo model when taken on photos by my friends. his spirit and cheerfulness remembered me that I must grateful to my life with cheerfulness and full of spirit like him. It is also remembered me to be a grateful person to God. At Palsi Gunung home, I also met with Yunas and frinds’ caretaker mother which took care Yunas and friends with smile and sincerity and faithfulness. I shocked when I heard one of the caretaker mother had took care Yunas and friends for 30 years. What an extraordinary faithfulness.

In the end, the holistic activities which fulfilled with positive energy and activities must be ended. I went home, but without an emptiness. I brought a new vision and mission in my heart to be a holistic intelligence person. I want to be a better person with higher sociability and responsibility. I want to be a more gratefulness person and knew my life’s purpose. I want to be a cheerful person like Yunas and the other in Palsi Gunung home. I also want to be a sincere and faithful person like the caretaker mother in Palsi Gunung.. So many things I want to be changed in my self and I want influence it to my friends. Thanks to Direktorat Jenderal Penddidikan Perguruan Tinggi as the promoter of this positive activities, the comitee from Gunadarma University and all of the participant wich had gave me so may great experience. I hope this activity can be held again in the future to make another holistic intelligence person and to make a better and a brighter future.

Bravo holistic!

Written by
Jimmy Januar Iqnatius
3EB11 / 20207607        

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